Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Story of Reb Amnon By Rabbi Sholem Perl

Ahead of the High Holidays, Master Storyteller Rabbi Sholem Perl of Los Angeles takes you back to the 12th century, bringing to life the story of Reb Amnon of Mainz, with spectacular sound effects and music.
Rabbi Sholem Perl’s passion for storytelling is sparked with the hope that it will strengthen the Emunah and Yiras Shamayim of our youth today. Often asked when his next recording will be made, Rabbi Perl produced an audio recording "The Story of Reb Amnon”.
The Story of Reb Amnon is sponsored by Dr. Daniel and Eileen Wohlgelernter of Los Angeles in Honor of a complete Refuah Shelaimah for his dear mother, Chaya Leah Bas Malka. May Hashem Bentch Chaya Leah Bas Malka with a speedy and complete recovery, and a Ksivoh V’Chasima Tiova L’Shana Toiva U’mesuka!! 

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