Sunday, September 17, 2017

All High Holidays and Sukkos Articles

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Here are all the Tishrei articles. I will be updating it every few days.



Rosh Hashanah

A Mother's Tears
What is Rosh Hashanah?
Shofar: A Cry From The Depths Of Our Souls
New! Rosh Hashanah And Shofar: Connecting With Hashem's Essence 
First Day Haftora: The Power of Chana's Prayer
Second Day Haftora: Rachel's Sacrifice 
Rosh Hashanah / Haazinu: New Year Requests

Shabbos Shuva

Haftora: Teshuva Beyond Teshuva 

Yom Kippur

Morning Haftora: Close To Hashem One With Hashem
New  Afternoon Haftora: Maftir Yona
Yom Kippur in the Hospital: I Chose To Live, So Should You


The Four Kinds: Are You a Hammer or a Nail
New  We Should Strive To Be A Lulav
1st Day Haftora: His Name Will Be One 
2nd Day Haftora: We Are A Paradox
Shabbos Chol Hamoed Haftora: The War That Will End All Wars

Shemini Atzeres - Simchas Torah 

Shemini Atzeres Haftora (Diaspora): The Dedication of a Beis Hamikdash
Simchas Torah Haftora: How We Succeed
All V'zos-Habracha Articles

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