Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beautiful without and within

Dear friends,

Over the past six weeks I haven't been able to write a dvar Torah  due to  ALS which has weakened my hands to the point that I can't type. Baruch Hashem we live at a time that technology has developed a way to type using my eyes. It takes longer but you're worth it. 

Your  friend, 


In this week's parsha, Toldos, it talks about Yitzchak's life after the passing of his father, Avraham. 

A big emphasis is put on the fact that he was digging wells. First he unearthed wells his father originally dug, but the locals filled. Then he dug new wells. Finally it tells of how his servants, who were digging a well, came to him and said "we found water". 

It seems that digging wells was central to who he was and a defining feature in his service to Hashem. While his father, Avrohom, worked on getting people to follow Hashem, Yitzchak dug wells. 

What is the deeper meaning in digging a well?  What lesson are we to take from Yitzchak Avinu? 

To dig a well, you first need to believe that there is water. Then comes the hard work, digging deeper and deeper until you find the water. 

On the surface a person may not be happy with who he /she is, he  has to know that on the inside there is "water ", there is a beautiful person. All he needs to do is "dig",  to  work on himself. 

If you keep digging you will surely find water. 

First came Avrohom, who taught us to change the way you should act on the outside. To act the way Hashem would want you to. 

When you do this you  may feel like a fake, putting on an act. Realize, that it is a false perception. Deep within you are perfect. 

Yitzchak teaches us the next step. Now that you are beautiful on the outside, start digging, find the beauty within.