Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pesach Articles And Songs

Dear friends,
Please enjoy these Pesach articles and songs. I will be adding more songs and articles, as Pesach gets closer. The songs are from a CD I recorded in 2005, to teach my children Kiddush, Ma Nishtana and more. Have a wonderful Pesach. 

Pesach Articles

Pesach Readiness  

For the Seder 

To Be Truly Free  New
Three Matzahs & Four Cups Of Wine 
The Egyptian Exile, A Quantum View  New
Hashem Loves Every Jew
First Blood Then Frogs
Plague of the Firstborn At Midnight  New
Hashem Himself
Why do we call this holiday Pesach?
Exodus Every Day

First Days 

1st Day Torah Reading: Korban Pesach
Unity Is The Key To The Redemption
When You Can't Bare To See The Suffering  New
1st day Haftora: The Greatness Of Our Generation
2nd day Haftora: Cry Out And Demand  

Shabbos Chol Hamoed

Haftora: Speak To The Dry Bones  

Shevii & Acharon Shel Pesach

Why Don't We Say Shehecheyanu On The Last Dgays Of Pesach?
Shevii Torah Reading: Fleeing From Our Personal Egypt
Shevii Torah Reading: Finding Strength In Impossible Situations 
Shevii Torah Reading: At the Splitting of the Sea - Reveal What Is Hidden New
Haftora Shevii: The Great Light That Comes Out Of The Darkness
Acharon Shel Pesach Haftora Part I: Moshiach & His Effect On The World 
The Meal of Moshiach 

Pesach Songs

Thank you Devora Krasnianski for putting this amazing video together of the Pesach songs. 

Simanay Haseder Kadesh Urchats...
Kiddush  Yom Hashishi      Main      Havdala     Shehecheyanu      
Hay Lachma Anya  Hebrew/English Children's Song
Ma Nishtana  Traditional      Yiddish
Haggada  Avadim Hayinu      Baruch Hamakom      Vihee Sheamda Chabad     Vihee Sheamda Traditional      Ten Makos Children's Song      Dayenu      Al Achas      Bechol Dor Vador      Bechol Dor Vador Children's Song
Hallel  Mikimi Nusach      Bitzays Yisrael      Yisrael Bitach Nusach     Hashem Zicharanu      Eshalech Nusach      Licho Ezbach Carlebach      Hallilu Es Hashem Chabad      Hallilu Es Hashem Traditional      Odecha Chabad      Odecha (Yaaleh)      Odecha Carlebach      Ana Hashem Nusach      Baruch Haba (Keili Ata) 

Songs My Grandfather Rabbi Shalom Hurwitz Used To Sing On Yom Tov 
Ata V'chartanu     Sabeinu       V'hareinu


  1. What a total treasure to have this, Yitzi. Who knew, huh?

  2. Rebbe Hurwitz, you are an inspiration to the world. Is there any way to get in contact with you?

    May HaKadosh Baruch Hu send you a Refuah Shleimah Mi'heira and grant you many, many more years of good life in health and spreading Torah.

  3. My 10 year old son is learning and practicing the Seder Kiddush from your recording; thank you Rabbi Yitzi! He keeps listening & repeating the versus until he feels more & more confident. Thank you! Chag Kasher v'Sameach! We continue to daven for your Refuah Shelayma...

  4. Wow such a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thank you for sharing this incredible collection! Everything is written with such clarity and warmth!