Thursday, October 29, 2015

We Are A Miracle

In this week's Parsha, Vayera, we find words that, for me, are a source of Simcha, Emuna and Bitachon (joy, belief and trust in Hashem). "And Hashem remembered Sarah as He had said, and Hashem did for Sarah as He had spoken. And Sarah conceived, and bore Avraham a son in his old age, at the appointed time of which Hashem had spoken."

Why do these verses give me so much strength? How do they fill me with Simcha, Emuna and Bitachon?

For starters, we are not supposed to be here, our entire existence is a miracle. These verses express how Avraham and Sarah are blessed with a baby, though both were unable to have children. On top of that, he was 100, she was 90,  far passed the age of childbirth. Hashem gave Sarah youth and opened her womb to conceive, to Avraham he gave the ability to sire children. The birth of Yitzchok, our forefather, is only by miracle.

I could only imagine Sarah's joy when she recognized that she was pregnant after all this time, her anticipation to giving birth and finally, holding her baby in her arms. Just the thought fills me with joy.

Hashem promised Avraham that he would have children. Then he told them when. At the precise moment, Hashem gave them Yitzchok from whom we all descend.

In Hashem we can trust, in Hashem we can believe. Hashem does miracles, He makes promises and does what He says. One can never lose hope, because Hashem can and will do miracles for you, just as He did for Avraham and Sarah.

He will also keep His promise, to send Moshiach and take us out of this long and dark exile. The time has come.


  1. Beautiful words with which to enter shabbos!

  2. Your sincere belief and JOY is an inspiration.

  3. I always feel hopeful rather than sad when I read your blog. You are a leader despite your physical, extreme, limits. Obviously you lead in your family, I can hear it in Dina's words. And you lead in our lubavitch community by showing us how to behave and how to think when serious hardship strikes. I don't often comment on your writings but I try to internalize your message. I want you to know how helpful you are to people you have never met: I work in a jewish neighborhood and our place is close to many hospitals. Jew to jew, I hear about others tzuros and worries daily. Sometimes I have no words to say, I am silenced by the enormity of what my fellow yid is facing. That's when I "whip out Yitzy". I share a video of you speaking yud shvat where you say "don't be afraid, Hashem is with you". Or I simply share that you are in the matzav that you are, and yet you believe and you trust and you continue to daven to Hashem. That is inspiration enough. If Yitzy can continue to put his love and his trust in Hashem, devote his koach to learning and spreading Torah, how must we behave? And as you say in this weeks post, Hashem is unlimited and in YOUR zchus, may He fulfill his promise to us and bring moshiach now.