Thursday, October 8, 2015

Standing Up To The Snake

In this week's Parsha, Berashis, we read of the cunning deceit of the snake. Playing on Chava's nature, to get both Adam and Chava to go against Hashem's will.

It seems that this is the beginning of all of humanity's troubles. It is also replayed over and over again in every generation. The cunning, deceive the world to go against truth and decency, to go against Hashem.

Why is this the first story of humanity? What lesson can we take from this for ourselves and for our time?

This story is our personal daily struggle with the the snake, the evil inclination. Every day, he cunningly plays on our weaknesses, only to create distance between us and Hashem.

This story is first because this is our essential struggle. 

Every time we overcome his cunning, we are drawn closer to Hashem and Hashem is filled with pride. His truth wins the moment, false deception trumped.

The nature of man is to follow his pleasures and his perceived best interest, regardless of what is right and true. The same is true for the nations of the world. In their hatred of the Jewish people, they choose to deceive themselves, allowing/supporting the snakes that that seek to annihilate us.

Now we are being tested, as even those that "claimed" to be our friends, end up being snakes. Our brothers and sisters in Israel are being murdered, and the world is supporting the murderers. Now that we have played by the worlds dishonest rules and failed, perhaps it is time to do what Hashem wants and do what is right in His eyes.

We are good, right, smart, kind and decent, we have nothing to prove. All that is necessary is courage. Courage to do what is right.

May Hashem protect us, and our brothers and sisters in the holy land. May the leadership in Israel have the courage to do what Hashem wants despite the pressure of the world. Hashem is with you.


  1. I pray for for the peace of Israel, my brother

  2. Thank you Rabbi. Each of us faced daily with challenges. May Hashem give us the strength to rise above them

  3. May Hashem bless all AM Yisrael with the courage, knowledge and wisdom to make the right choices. He is always there to help us, but we each need to choose right over wrong.

  4. Lku"s chelek 3 sicha 1 parshas breishis