Thursday, January 21, 2016

When All Hope Is Gone

In this week's parsha, Beshalach, we read about the manna that came down from heaven. On Friday they went out to collect the manna, they collected the same amount as they usually did, but found that they had a double portion. Moshe explained, that tomorrow is Shabbos, there will be no manna to collect, this double portion is for today and Shabbos.

This is the first time Shabbos is mentioned in the Torah, by the manna. What is the connection between Shabbos and manna? What lesson can we take from this for life?

Logic dictates that if you don't work, you won't have. Keeping Shabbos, is putting trust in Hashem that he will take care of you, despite logic.

The same was true about the manna. Except for Shabbos, the manna lasted for one day. Every morning they put their trust in Hashem that he would send manna to sustain them.

Shabbos and manna, are all about trust in Hashem. It is this trust that is the source of the sustenance we are blessed with. It is also the catalyst for blessing in general. When we put our trust in Hashem, it opens the spigot of blessing in our lives.

I remember when we received my diagnosis of ALS, it felt like our whole world was falling apart. Dina shared with me advice she received from a friend. At times like this, let go and allow Hashem to take over. It was the best advice. Hashem sent his blessings in the form of good, kind, and loving people, who we are so grateful for. This advice has carried us through all of our difficulties.

Hashem is there for you. When there doesn't appear to be any answers, when all hope seems lost, put your trust in Hashem. When there seems to be nobody, Hashem is there for you.


  1. Our family went through the worst time in our lives a few years ago and both my husband and myself have been through many deep waters, most all of our lives. Yet this time was truly almost humanly unbearable. We were at the end of our ropes and there was NO ONE who could or would help us, but G-d.
    No one.
    But it is in those times, you really realize that G-d is all you need. He will NEVER leave nor forsake us.
    We learned a lesson we could of never learned another way.
    Complete trust in the one who loves us like no other.
    In the one who will never forsake us.
    What doesn't break you (and it almost did, but didn't) does make you stronger.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.