Friday, June 29, 2018

The Holy Image Of Hashem

Dear Friends, 

This is what I wrote for the Sheva Brachos of my daughter this week. Enjoy! 


Was the original man that Hashem created male or female?

At first he was both, as the verse says, "And Hashem created the Adam, in the image of Hashem He created him, male and female He created them." And Rashi brings the Midrash, that at first he was both male and female together. Then Hashem split the Adam (pun intended), and they became two, a male and a female. The word for rib in Hebrew is tzela which also means a side. So when the Torah says, that Hashem took a tzela from Adam and made Chava, it means that He separated the female side from the male side.

If he was both, why does it say, "him?" Because in Hebrew there is no gender neutral, everything is either male or female, there is no word for "it," so it says, "him."

You may ask, what does this have to do with the marriage of this new beautiful couple?

To explain this, I will ask another question. The original Adam was created in the image of Hashem, and he was both male and female. So the true image of Hashem is female and male together. How are we then in the image of Hashem, if we are each only half?

The answer. There are two levels of the image of Hashem. There is the individual, who is in the image of Hashem, either male or female. And then there is the holy image of Hashem, which is represented by a married couple together in harmony. That is perhaps why, in the blessings of the Sheva Brachos, we talk about the creation of Adam. It is the two halfs of the Adam coming together.

In other words, now you are finally whole, now is when your mission truly begins. And when you are in harmony, you are in the original image of Hashem, the holy image of Hashem, and you have a greater impact on this world.

May your marriage always be in harmony, and may your home be a home for Hashem, with the light of Yiddishkiet and Chassidishkiet and may your togetherness be strong, and impactful, and may it bring Moshiach closer. May he come soon.


  1. BH" Todah Rabah Yitzi ,馃檪

  2. BH" Todah Rabah Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz for making an impact on H"S world. H" Continues blessing you with Chen Chesed Rachamim, Ahabah, Berachah Hatzlachah Chazakah, His Miracles Salvations Fulfillment, Simchah Shelemah Emunah Shelemah Bitachon Shelemah, Parnasah Shelemah, Sukat Shelomechah Refuah shelemah min haShamaim refuat hanefesh urfuat haguf to you Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, to your beautiful family, to your loved ones Al lejaim tobim ulshalom to 120 years veal Kol Tob meatah vead olam, Siman Tob uMazal Tob on your daughter馃檪. Shabat Shalom Al Israel veal Kol Benei Noach, veal kol haolam BH" for HIS Miracles Salvations Healings Chen Chesed Rachamim with HIS Klal Israel, Al Benei Noach, with us, my loved ones, my family and with me, every single moment Todah Todah Todah Rabah H" leolam vaed. Mi chamocha baelim H", Oseh Fele. BH" leolam vaed Amen Veamen

  3. Amen. Wishing the new couple and all of your family many blessings.