Thursday, March 12, 2015

When is it Enough

In this weeks parsha,  Vayakhayl Pekudei, we read that both men and woman donated for the construction of the Mishkan. Both men and women participated in its construction. It didn't matter if they were rich or poor. It didn't matter which tribe they were from. Each gave according to their ability and each participated with their talents that Hashem gave them. 

They were careful to do everything the way Hashem wanted them to, down to the smallest detail. 

In the end, Hashem's presence filled the Mishkan, dwelling amongst them once again. 

After two hundred and ten years of exile in Egypt, eighty seven of which were fraught with terrible suffering and slavery. It must have been so satisfying and so exciting to see the Shechina fill the Mishkan. 

What lessons can we learn from this? 

We are here for a reason, to fashion this world into a dwelling place for Hashem.

Every one of us is necessary to ensure success. We are all different. We have different means, different talents and different circumstances.  We know we can do it because we've done it once before, albeit on a smaller scale. The main thing is that we work together and that we do it right. Small details matter. As in every project, it is not complete until each does their part and until the finishing touches have been done. 

How about us, haven't we suffered enough? Haven't we done enough? The events of this week alone have been more than we can bare. Hasn't the time come for all this anguish to end? 

It is true, the expression of Hashem's presence we will experience at the time of Moshiach will be based on our exile experience and our effort in  accomplishing Hashem's will. 

Perhaps Hashem is holding out for just a bit longer because He wants something more, something deeper that he knows we can attain. Imagine how amazing it will be when Moshiach will come. 

Nevertheless we need Moshiach to come already. Hashem, please send him and end the suffering. 

Until then, we can be there for each other. Chazak chazak V'nischazeik, Be strong! Be strong! And let us strengthen each other! 

This week's Dvar Torah is dedicated to the Kehaty and Piperno families. Chazak Chazak V'Nischazek!!  We are with you now, and we will be with you always. 


  1. G-d bless you, Rabbi for the inspiration!

  2. Rabbi, knowing the effort it takes you to prepare the weekly Torah commentary, it reminds us how strong you are, and provides us strength to face what hardships we experiencing. May a blessing of good health be given to you quickly!

  3. Rabbi Yitxie,

    You alone stand in the height of heights. What an inspiration. You are comparable to our great leaders of Jewish history who demonstrated their unwavering Emunah to Hashem. I feel so privileged to know you, a Chassid of your stature. I don't understand Hashem and His ways. Reb Yitzie, listen and listen close. You are a Tzaddik. Your demands of Hashem are extremely effective on high. My prayers are weak as I am weak. Please Yitzie, demand and demand more that Hashem take us out of golus immediately. And I for one will stand on the sidelines beaming with joy as I watch you dancing with the Rebbe with abundant joy and Simcha.