Sunday, March 29, 2015

What About the Frogs? - Pesach Humor

On Chol Hamoed we read in the Torah, that a treifa should be thrown to the dogs.

Why do the dogs get this treat?

It is brought down, that because the dogs remained silent when the Jews were leaving Egypt, they get a treat, they get the meat.

The Question is: What about the frogs?
During the plague of frogs we learn that the frogs jumped into the ovens. Total self sacrifice for Hashem.

Why don't the frogs get a treat?

The answer is: Because as it is for many. It is far easier to kill yourself than to keep your mouth closed.

(Heard from Yisroel Varnai)

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  1. Rabbi, thanks for adding humor to Pesach! We all a need it and hearing it from you tell me you have not lost yours.. Wishing you and family an inspiring Pesach, no frogs please.. lol