Thursday, April 2, 2015

It Is Your Choice

In the Haggadah we read, that Hashem took us out of Egypt Himself rather than have His angels do it. Why? If the objective was simply to free us from Egyptian bondage, wouldn't we be just as free had He sent angels to free us? There is obviously something deeper happening here. 

Hashem freed us for a reason, to be His partner in creation, to finish what He started, to fulfill His ultimate goal, that we develop this world into a place that His Presence could dwell openly. 

God is ever present, however, nature was created so that it hides His presence. How then is it possible for us, mere creations, to change nature? 

Therefore, Hashem Himself redeemed us, because for us to effect creation, we had to be raised  above creation. Angels can't reach that high so He did it Himself. 

While we have physical existence, there is a part of us that trancends creation. 

The Haggadah elaborates this point, because the central theme of the Seder is not only the Exodus from Egypt, but also the ultimate redemption, the coming of Moshiach, when Hashem's Presence will be revealed. Through our efforts we hasten his coming . What gives us this ability? The fact that Hashem raised us above creation. 

How does one feel free when life is so difficult, so many responsibilities? It seems that we are effected by creation not the other way around. 

Freedom does not mean that life is free of challenges, rather that we recognize that Hashem Himself put us into our situation and it is not a challenge at all. It is an opportunity that He is giving us to effect creation.  

You might ask, "How could someone like you feel free when you are not able to move most of your body? How do you remain positive and happy in your predicament?" 

I choose to see it that way. You can too! 

Have a kosher and happy Pesach, may it truly be the Chag Hageula, the holiday of redemption.

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