Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hashem in your Home

In this weeks parsha, Eikev, we read "And now Israel, what is Hashem your G-d asking of you? Only to revere Him, to walk in His ways, to love Him..."

What is Hashem asking of us? How does one revere and love Hashem?

When Hashem created this world, He made his presence hidden. You could know that He is there but you can't see Him. This enables freedom of choice, because if Hashem was visible we would be ashamed to commit a sin. His presence would be so imposing, you would not have a choice.

Being that Hashem can't be seen, it is possible to forget for moments, that He is there.

Hashem wants you to make Him a real part of your life. To develop such a close relationship with Him that His presence feels as if you could see Him.

This takes a strong commitment, getting to know Hashem through the study of his Torah, and getting closer to him through davening. Use words like "Baruch Hashem" blessed is Hashem, "B'ezras Hashem" with Hashem's help, "Im yirtzeh Hashem" if Hashem wants. When making important decisions, ask: What does Hashem want?

When Hashem is felt in your home, you can't help but follow in His ways. Your choice to make Hashem's presence important in your home is true reverence. The more you develop your relationship with Hashem, the the more your life becomes an expression of your love for him.

Baruch Hashem I am blessed with many visitors, people of all levels of Jewish observance. The one thing that is clear is that all believe deeply in Hashem. We all believe. Yet Hashem wants even more, He wants us to feel Him in our day to day lives.

I bless you that when you welcome Shabbos into your home, you truly feel Hashem's presence, and that presence permeates your entire being. Good Shabbos. 


  1. Thank you Rabbi for always uplifting us and when with you we always feel closer to Hashem. When davening in your synagogue in Temecula we feel your presence and it increases our reverence.... Praying daily for you.....

  2. And now, may Hashem reveal his presence throughout the world and redeem us all! When Hashem brings you back to complete physical health - it should happen now - many more people will know and sense G-d's presence and will know that Yesh Elokim B'yisrael.

  3. I appreciate your simple and direct explanation of G_d's intention to have us discern his presence by bringing observance and Mitzvot into the home. Shabbat Shalom to you as well.