Thursday, August 20, 2015

You are Royalty

In this week's Parsha, Shoftim, we read about the Mitzvah of appointing a king.

One of the laws a king must follow is that he have two copies of the Torah scroll made for him. One to be placed in his treasury, and the other should accompany him constantly "and he shall read it all the days of his life, so that he may learn to fear Hashem his G-d, to keep all the words of this Torah..."

Isn't one Torah enough, why did a king need two? What point is there in having one Torah kept in his treasury?

To be a king means to wield great power. Whereas every Jew is obligated to write a Torah, a king must write two. This act is an extra measure and different from other laws pertaining to kings, as it doesn't make sense. The king goes through this experience mearly for its humbling effect. This Torah is put in his treasury or lit. Beis gnazav, his hidden place, a place the king goes to when important decisions need to made. Going to war, taxes, major projects, etc. Seeing his Torah there (and possibly the Torahs of the kings before him) is a strong reminder, that while the great power to make these decisions are in his hands, he should be humbled and bend to Hashem's will when making them.

We are all consider kings and queens, as Hashem empowers us to make decisions that effect our "kingdoms" big or small. Yourself, your family, your wealth, your treatment of others, etc. You May be learning from the outside Torah, yet you must write it in the deepest recesses of your being. So that when making important decisions you will bend to Hashem's will.

Royalty fails in arrogance and succeeds in humility. A Jew is royalty, in dress, in speech, in thoughts and action.

Now in month of Elul, the King of kings, is open to all of us. Get close to Hashem now, go out to greet Him. He, in turn, will grant you a happy and sweet New Year.

Dedicate in memory of Chaya Spalter, a true Bas Melech, who's Bas Mitzvah would have been this week. In honor of the Torah dedication for Chaya, being celebrated this Sunday.


  1. When G-d created the world, the Zohar says "He looked into the Torah and created the world." Now, please G-d, open Your "Treasury" and bestow upon us all health, wealth, happiness, success, etc. etc. etc. and finally send our righteous King Moshiach to redeem us all from "bondage of kingdoms" NOW!

  2. I need to read Torah for it's instructional value, which is to say "for guidance".
    I know that my ideas are flawed, often based on selfish, vain, or popular perceptions of the contemporary world. I need a 'Higher Power" an Ultimate Authority in my life to help me make better decisions. G_d provides me this through Torah. Thank you Rabbi Hurwitz. Dr John