Thursday, September 24, 2015

Listen And You Will Hear

In this week's Parsha, Haazinu, there is so much depth, so much meaning. Everyone should learn it and find personal meaning. You will find, that it talks to you.

There is one verse that I keep going back to and is for me a source of strength and meaning.

The Jewish people suffering by the hands of their enemies. All their efforts putting faith in others, turns out to be false hope. Hashem says "See now, that it is I, I, and there is no deity on par with Me, I kill and I bring to life, I strike and I heal, and no one can deliver from My hand."

What about this verse gives me strength and meaning?

When I was diagnosed with ALS, there were two possible roads to travel. I could have been prey to a "why me?" attitude, fallen in to depression and been miserable. Instead, knowing that this is from Hashem, makes me think "if Hashem put me in this predicament, there must be a good reason. How could I serve His purpose from my situation? What can be done from my position now, that could not be accomplished, when I was well?"

True I can't do many of the things I once could, but with what I do have, I have found a ways to make a difference. The things I love to do most, to teach and lift others up, I'm still doing. The method changed, before I would speak, now I write (never dreamed I would become a writer). It seems that because of my predicament, the words are more effective.

The problem with "why me?" is that your focus is on "me," the ultimate false deity. To this Hashem says "See it is I" who put you here, Hashem tailor made your scenario. Therefore, find your mission and strengths specifically from your situation. You don't have to be challenge with suffering to learn this lesson, you need only be alive, because "I kill and I  bring to life," it is Hashem that chooses for you to be alive, recognizing this, is the beginning of meaning in your life. However if you are suffering, know that "I strike and I heal." Again this is from Hashem, there is purpose in your struggle that can only be realized through your struggle. Find a way to turn your pain in to positive, your struggle in to strength.

With all that said, we've struggled and suffered enough, it is time for Moshiach to come.


  1. You're attitude demands that we all try to be like you: brave and productive. No excuses. The way you recognize it is all from above, and turn your situation into a challenge and a means to effect others, is more than most of us can do with our simple troubles.

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