Friday, September 11, 2015

Only We Can

Rosh Hashana marks the day Adam and Chava were created, it is the birthday of humanity. The mission of mankind began 5776 years ago, on this day. Therefore it is, by definition, the New Year for humanity.

Our forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov took on the mission and when Hashem took us out of Egypt, the mission became ours.

What is unique about us, that enables us to accomplish Hashem's purpose? Couldn't the angels do it?

Hashem wants that this physical world be transformed in to a place that his presence could dwell openly. He created this world unfinished and put us on it, just to transform it. We are his greatest masterpiece, we are different from all other creations. With out us the world is a fish tank, void of any meaning, with the sole purpose of being observed.

An angel is spiritual, holy ad powerful but lacks freedom of choice. The physical world is not his domain. Hashem sends angels on all kinds of missions but not being physical, precludes them from transforming the physical.

We, on the other hand, are a fusion of soul and body. We have a physical body that is drawn to earthly pleasures and a Neshama, G-dly soul, which is drawn to everything G-dly and holy. While our body is part of the world, the Neshama, being a part of Hashem, trancends all physical and spiritual realms. Being part of Hashem it has the creative ability to transform this unfinished world.

Every time we do a Mitzvah we infuse the physical object/s used in performance of the  Mitzvah with holiness. Every time you say words of Torah or prayer, you are transforming the place, infusing it with holiness. When you do every day things with the intention to serve Hashem, for example, if you work to support your family, so that you can bring them up in the ways of our Torah. Everything connected to your work becomes infused with holiness. Every aspect of life becomes a holy endeavor.

With time the world is transformed in to a dwelling fit for Hashem. At that time our work finishing creation will be done and Moshiach will come.

May he come soon.


About the Year 5776

The year 5776 is the longest possible year. It is a leap year, which adds 30 days. The months of Cheshvon and Kislev are the only months that can have either 29 or 30 days, this year they both have 30. Making this year 385 days.

5776 is a Hakhel year. The year following a sabbatical year, all Jews, men, women and children would gather at the Temple in Jerusalem. The king would read from the Torah, for all to hear. It is a custom, to make get-togethers during this year, at which every one participates in Torah (this can be done by having  one person say a Torah teaching, while participants listen), Avoda, prayer, an Gemilas Chasadim, charity. Strengthening the bonds between Jews and our commitment to Hashem. Consider hosting a Hakhel party/gathering at your home or arranging a large Hakhel event for the whole community.

May you have a happy and sweet year!

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