Friday, July 4, 2014

How amazing are we?

In this week's parsha, Balak, we read how the wicked Balam sets out to curse the Jews but in the end, HaShem has him bless them instead.

Balam goes on to say prophecy of Moshiach's coming.

What purpose does it serve, for Hashem to have the prophecy of Moshiach's coming said specifically by a wicked, Jew hating person like Balam?

Just to add fuel to the fire. This prophecy is found in parshas Balak, which is named after another wicked, Jew hating king. There are no mitzvahs in this parsha and this parsha ends with the Jewish people reaching a new low. As far parshas go this one seems to be the lowest.

In what seems to be the lowest parsha, the lowest of people, Balam, prophesies the greatest event the jewish people will ever have. Which is one of the 13 principles of Judaism: the coming of Moshiach. Why?

This is truly a testament to the power of the Jewish people, to transform even the darkest of places, the darkest of situations.

We have the ability and the obligation to shine light and lift and transform even the lowest to holiness. What's more, Hashem puts us in these dark situations and gives us the power to transform them.

Now, When you lift from the bottom, you lift the whole thing.

That is the message found in the fact that the prophecy of Moshiach is found in this parsha, seemingly the lowest, by Balam the lowest of people. Even a Balam is changed to say Moshiach's prophecy.

How amazing are we?  Through us, the lowest, darkest situations and most evil people can and will be transformed to goodness and light . We are truly amazing.


  1. Hi Rabbi, As always your insightful interpretation of the weekly Torah portion, add's a dimension that encourages us to study more, and appreciate your knowledge. Thanks from all friends and family in Temecula, We look forward to more!!