Friday, July 25, 2014

Together in Friendship

In this weeks parsha, Maasei, the borders of Israel are clearly defined. It also tells how to apportion the land. Every jew has a portion.

This parsha is always read during the Three Weeks. The time of year we mourn the destruction of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and the exile of our people.

What message is found in all this for us now?

Every Jew has a portion in the holy land. Showing a natural unity among us. It is specifically through brotherly love and unity that we merit the holy land.

When we are together in brotherhood, we are even stronger.  We help each other overcome obstacles.

Now, during the three weeks is a time to strengthen our bonds of friendship, especially with those we have the most difficulty. Now is the time to overcome our differences.

When Jewish people are unified with love and brotherhood it gives Hashem the greatest nachas. it is almost irresistible to Hashem, to see his children in a state of togetherness.

More than any Mitzvah, Ahavas Yisroel, love between Jews, is what will end this exile. We need Moshiach now more than ever.

Being the last Parsha in the book of Bamidbar , Numbers, we end with the call of chazak, be strong.

Our brave soldiers fight to protect our brothers and sisters in our land, we should do our part, learning extra Torah, praying, and giving tzedaka in their merit.

Let us wish them Chazak, be strong, we are with you and Hashem is with you. We are all in this together.


  1. Rabbi, your point that through love of our fellow Jews we sustain our community is well taken. The Parsha contains a caveat. God tells Moshe to drive the Canaanite from the land and with them all their perverse symbols of Idolatry. That we were too compassionate to do so led in time to the Jewish peoples exile. The Jewish people must adhere to our core spiritual principles in Torah or face exclusion and marginalization even today. Dr John

    1. John your comment is well taken.

      Unfortunately it is very hard to destroy houses of worship. But that's where courage comes in to play, doing what is right though it's not popular.

      Israel is facing a similar challenge today. Do they do what's right, desttoying Chamas or do they cower under world pressure because of civilian casualties that Chamas is truly guilty for as they purposely shoot rockets out of schools, hospitals and mosques.

      If they cower and show restraint they will be guilty of not protecting their own citizens.

      Chamas are a vicious group. They love to murder innocent people especially their own. If we don't get rid of them now, they will be facing this again in a few years.

  2. Israel will always be the home of the Jewish people. Support of their leadership and the IDF is vital at this time. They must do what is necessary to live in peace. Chazak, be strong,